People buy 4WDs to enjoy the thrill and utility that comes with it. Whether you want to participate in extreme car racing sports or just want to capture the experience of driving a car through off-road conditions, a 4WD is essential.

But depending on the use, you have to make some changes to your car’s body, add a few parts, and do some bit of work to make it ideal for driving through such conditions. If you want to use your UTE for driving on paved roads, just like any other car, then none of these are really required. To have an enhanced off-roading experience though, you have to make some changes.

This brings up the question of what change you should make. Most often, the biggest change is to lift your vehicles to a few inches, so you can make way for large tires that can make your off-roading experience truly adventurous. To lift the vehicle, you need the right lift kit that can do the job for you.

A lift kit alone is not enough in most situations because 4WDs comes with a front suspension that could prove to be a problem. In other words, when you lift the body of your vehicle to make way for large tires, what do you do with the suspension that’s hanging in the front? That’s where a Hilux diff drop comes in handy.

Need For A Hilux Diff Drop

Many people go for a Hilux diff drop to reduce the CV shaft angle that gets enhanced when you lift a vehicle. Typically, when you lift a vehicle, the angle of the CV shaft increases, and this can put greater pressure on the CV joint, thereby causing it to break prematurely. Also, it can weaken the surrounding joint and the chances for the CV shaft to pull out of the inner joint are fairly high. 

To protect the CV shaft and to move it to a comfortable angle where the wear and tear is minimal, you need a Hilux diff drop. Many car owners understand this need as a break or malfunction of the CV shaft can lead to expensive repairs and it may require a considerable time and money to get your car to even a driving condition again.

That said not all vehicles or vehicle setups need a Hilux diff drop. You need to buy a Hilux diff drop in the following cases.

  • You should consider having a Hilux diff drop if you plan to increase the vehicle by more than two inches. Anything below this may not need a Hilux diff drop, though there’s no harm in having one if you get your vehicle altered.
  • It is most essential if you use a suspension lift kit to raise the height of your vehicle’s body.
  • If you plan to travel for long-distance, it is always a good idea to have a Hilux diff drop to reduce the pressure on your CV shafts and to ensure that they don’t break down in the middle of your travel.
  • To increase the life of your CV shaft before it gets bent to the maximum angle.

In the above situations, a Hilux diff drop is most essential to give you that little extra support needed to reduce the pressure on your CV shaft. Even if you’re not in any of the above situations, but have increased the height of your vehicle, you can have a Hilux diff drop just to be safe and to protect your suspension and CV shaft.

Moving on to a Hilux upper control arm, what purpose does it serve for your car?

Need For An Upper Control Arm

The role of a Hilux diff drop is fairly easy to understand because they have a single, albeit important, role in the car, which is to support the CV shaft when a vehicle is lifted. On the other hand, an upper control arm is slightly different because it aligns the wheel when the entire camber and caster changes due to an increase in the height of the vehicle.

Manufacturers tend to have a certain wheel alignment for each car that depends on a host of factors such as its height, maximum load capacity, and more. This alignment should be proper and balanced at all times to

  • Reduce the wear and tear on your car tires
  • Ensure that the steering returns to the center
  • Provide stability while driving at high speeds
  • Easily track

You need an upper control arm to ensure that the above problems don’t recur. Specifically, an upper control arm offers the following benefits for you.

  • Corrects the caster of your wheel to prevent any problems or anomalies that come with it.
  • It gives a higher degree of clearance to fit large tires
  • Restores the camber to provide more durability and longevity to the associated car parts.

In other words, you need both a Hilux diff drop and an upper control arm when you increase the height of your vehicle, but that’s where the similarity ends. Both these products are used to address completely different problems that come up due to the height enhancements made to your vehicle. While the upper control arm is necessary to rectify the problems in wheel alignment, the Hilux diff drop gives the necessary support to the CV shaft and to prevent it from bending too much at an uncomfortable angle. 


To conclude, a Hilux diff drop and an upper control arm are closely related, yet they are worlds apart. Though both of them are used when the car is lifted to fit in larger tires, a Hilux diff drop supports the CV shaft and prevents it from getting too bent. It reduces the wear and tear on his shaft. The upper control arm, on the other hand, addresses the problems that come with the wheel alignment. Yet, both are necessary to increase the life of your car parts and to give you the thrill of driving through off-road conditions.